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A Better Way To Remember Loved Ones

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Forever Memory captures the digital lives and life achievements of those who have passed before us. Connecting today’s technologies with the way we mourn and grieve over our passed loved ones, is very special to us. By linking a memorial page to a QR plaque that attaches to any headstone, urn, or other memorial sites, allows visitors to get more than just a name and date from a headstone. 

Instead, they will scan the QR plaque with any smartphone and visually experience an entire life history of photos, videos, life testimonials, achievements, and much more. Your Forever Memory memorial will ALWAYS be there for family, friends, and visitors to see and admire during their visit.

QR Code

The QR plaque, a 20-year weather-resistant memorial plaque, will link to an exclusive memorial page for your loved one, including unlimited information, such as pictures/videos, handwritten letters they may have written to loved ones, obituary, and life testimonials. You can place the QR plaque on a headstone, an urn, or any other memorial site. You can also print the QR plaque onto anything your heart desires including the flyer at the funeral, memorial stickers, or even a refridgerator magnet to be shared with all friends and family. All you need is a free QR reader available in any app store on your cellphone or device.

20 Year Weather Resistant
Exclusive Memorial Page
Place on any Memorial
Personalized QR Code
Viewed on any device

How It Works


After your order with Forever Memory, you will use your email address and chosen password to upload all videos, pictures, voice recordings, obituary, written documents, life history, life accomplishments, and any other information or links you may have for your loved one. Lifetime hosting included.



Forever Memory will mail you the 2 square-inch plaque or plaques, ready to be scanned.

Forever Memory and our professional development team will make sure to have your QR plaque mailed to you in an expedited fashion so that it is available in time for the funeral. This way your funeral director can have your QR plaque printed on the funeral flyer for all friends and family to share.



Simply place your QR Code on any memorial piece of your choosing. It can be anything from an urn to a tombstone to even a magnet on your fridge. Just place it and allow any loved one to access your memorial page. 

Enjoy The Memories

Remember to upload any type of document you want, from pictures to documents. After that just enjoy your memories, and share with the rest of your family.  

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