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Forever Memory. Founded 2019

 Hello! I’m Ryan

Founder and CEO of Forever Memory


My name is Ryan Millican.

In December of 2018, my Step-Mother was lost to cancer, more specifically Multiple Myeloma. Even though we have a lot of pictures of her, sometimes pictures get lost or fade over time, plus they’re hard to share with loved ones that don’t live close.

You see, funerals and the way we mourn have been the same for thousands of years. With today’s new technologies and devises, we can make a change. Millions of pictures and videos being taken every day. Entire life histories being recorded in a digital form. Why not Embrace these new leaps and bounds with technology and apply it to the mourning and memory of those who pass before us. The one you love will forever have their stamp. Everyone who they touched in life and everyone who loved them will always have a place to go to remember, and to be happy or to just be sad on the bad days.

“Great Way To Remember Loved Ones, And Make Sure Future Generations Get To Learn Who These People Were.”

Providing Love In Hard Times

Loved ones should always be remembered, and while pictures and keepsakes are an easy and good way to do that, you can’t really share those things with others very readily. Wouldn’t it be great to share some of those things with your family that you can’t see on a regular basis. This is especially true after all that we went through in 2020. 

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